• Access Control: Control who enters where. Protect your assets by installing a simple yet profound access control system.
  • Security: With the best cameras and optic technology installed, you are safe and secure to enjoy with your loved ones without a speck of worry.
  • Fire Alarm System: Our cutting-edge fire detection system is capable of fire diagnosis and available solutions.
  • PA System: Have a Public Announcement system installed so that your voice can be heard in every nook and corner of your home.
  • HVAC Control: Our new energy efficient technology ensures your comfort with the best climate control options. Our solutions give you control over the entire house in from your palm. You can control the climate, the sound, the curtains, lighting, and much more.
  • Power & Water Metering: Smart Buildings require interactive management of Power and Water supply networks and meters play an important role in such a task. As compared to fully mechanical water meters, electromechanical water meters or fully electronic water meters can collect real-time information through automatic meter reading (AMR), which makes them more suitable for smart building applications.
  • Electric Power Management: Be informed about the usage of electricity and tips on how to save it. Our green solutions offer more to you while helping keep the environment a clean place.